Built on the Linux Kernel, Android was originally designed for use in touchscreen mobile devices but now offers Android interfaces for televisions, cars, wristwatches, game consoles, regular PCs, digital cameras and other consumer electronics devices. Global Infotech has built its engineering expertise on Linux Kernel since the late 90s and on Android since 2010.

What can we do for you?

We have advanced product lifecycle experience in all facets of the Android ecosystem. We can design, develop, distribute, help monetize and support all your Android initiatives. We provide consulting expertise on Android for:

  • App Development
  • Device Development

Industry Best Practices

Over the years, we have worked with some of the largest corporations of the world for their Android imperatives and embraced industry best practices for:

  • Interaction & Engagement
  • User Interface
  • User Input
  • Background Jobs
  • Performance
  • Security & Practice
  • Testing
  • Using Google Play to Distribute and Monetize

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Connected Cars

Digitized consumerism has altered the needs and wants of all users. Drivers and passengers increasingly demand their cars to be a mobile device – one that is always modern, one that enriches user experiences, one that is an extension of their digital life and one that is always connected.

Automotive OEMs view this as an opportunity. They are cautiously treading this path as there are concerns on data sharing with mobile companies, road safety, user privacy, changing business models, customer perception among other parameters. Automotive OEMs are viewing their roles as a car company and are also evolving as a mobility company.

Global Infotech has two decades of experience providing engineering expertise to device manufacturers, Auto OEMs and silicon vendors. We have deep investments in building consulting practices and intellectual property for our customers. Our comprehensive offerings for the Automotive industry includes Infotainment Headunits, Mobility, Analytics and Safety solutions.

Headunit Infotainment

Some examples include:

  • Partner with Auto OEMs for their next generation models to develop intelligent solutions to create custom user experiences for the modern driver
  • Create solutions to minimize visual, manual and cognitive driver distraction
  • Scalable Multimedia solutions
  • Power and Performance management
  • Fast boot up times; Ultra low latency
  • In-Vehicle Services
  • Multiple OS support: Linux, Android, Genivi, QNX, iOS.

Mobility (Cloud to Car & In-Car Connectivity)

Big Data & Analytics

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Support

Automotive Safety Integrity Level Implementation

Global Infotech has experience in implementing ASIL-A and ASIL-B. We have partnered with Automotive OEMs and Tier One Integrators to co-develop ASIL-C solutions and we intend to be at the forefront of enabling ASIL-D as well. Our goal is to leverage wireless connectivity and provide comprehensive solutions in camera systems, sensor technologies, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure systems.

Our engineering expertise is built from ground up and directly maps onto our offerings:

  • Systems engineering
  • Embedded software
  • Apps
  • Applications
  • Open source technologies
  • Deep internals knowledge

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Big Data

In this era of ever- changing technology and market trends, organizations need to harness the power of big data to evolve and stay relevant. Across verticals organizations have realized the impact of big data and the value it brings, however as the data grows in volume, variety and speed, it adds major complexity and cost to manage and to gather insights from.

Whether it is managing complex data or setting up your business intelligence tools for analytics and reporting – Global Infotech is your top choice for Big Data / Business Intelligence Consulting.

With over two decades of consulting experience helping top Fortune 1000 clients manage their big data strategy, our proven talent solutions and managed services can leverage the power of data in real-time.


  • Trained and certified resources in Hadoop, Apache, NoSQL, Hive, H.Base, MongoDB and other related technologies
  • Trained and certified resources – Data Scientists, Architects, BI Project Managers, Business Analysts, Data Warehouse Developers and other related skill sets.
  • Innovative solutions for Data Management framework and custom applications development for data visualization.
  • Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics and Optimization solutions – Cloudera™, HortonWorks™, Pivotal™, Oracle™, Teradata™, SAS™, SAP™, Cognos™, Tableau™, Hyperion™, among others.
  • Big Data Solutions for all verticals with customizable and reliable frameworks.


Our cutting edge Big Data and Business Intelligence solutions offerings have allowed our clients to –

  • Gain strategic insights
  • Lower Costs
  • Increase Predictability
  • Drive Revenue
  • Improve ROI from existing data infrastructure

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Our experience on Salesforce’s applications – Analytics Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Chatter, Customer and Partner Communities, Company Communities, and Platform – allow us to transform your company operations with a customer centric approach. We can help you realize the potential of Salesforce suite of applications fully.

Global Infotech is a registered Salesforce Consulting Partner

Salesforce Services

We work on projects for many different clients and industries. Given the nature of consulting, our projects vary in lengths and team sizes, but in every case, we work hard to make a real difference in our clients’ businesses.

  • Consolidation of Multiple Instances
  • Achieving a Broader CRM Requirement
  • Integration with Other Systems
  • Hybrid Model Integration
  • Data Management and Deduplication
  • Improved Analytics


Our experienced team of consultants have multiple certifications, including: Developer, Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, Pardot Consultant, Advanced Administrator and MuleSoft.


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Product Engineering

Rapid technological advances in recent times have made the product engineering landscape extremely complex. Customers need Global Infotech as a partner who will help you navigate this maze and enable a smooth transition from concept to ROI. Together we will strengthen and extend your competencies beyond the present to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Global Infotech provides product engineering services for all phases in the product lifecycle – from choosing the right platform to developing reliable products and robust software to a complete spectrum of independent testing and continuous deployment.

Industry Best Practices

Since our inception in 1996 and over the years, we have continuously embraced modern engineering methodologies. We are advanced practitioners and advocates of several industry best practices:

  • Agile Software Development Life Cycle
  • Multi Tenant Architecture
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • DevOps

Global Infotech has excelled in supporting product development for some of the largest software houses in the world since 1996. As a result, you realize reduced costs, improved ROI, faster time to market and the support you need to achieve your business goals.

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Independent Testing

Always aware products and 24/7/365 applications have increased the need for an integrated, modern, rapid, reliable and thorough testing. A strategic approach reduces time to market significantly and factors in quality, automation, predictability and improved ROI from defect-free solutions.

Since 1996, Global Infotech has developed its expertise in providing testing services, from test consulting to mobile testing and web services automation. We have demonstrated expertise in various testing models:

Functional Testing Services:

  • Functional, Integration, System testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Localization/Internationalization testing
  • Compatibility testing

Test Automation Services

  • Development of Custom test harnesses and solutions
  • APIs & Web Services test automation
  • UI test automation
  • Mobile test automation
  • Unit testing

Specialized Testing Services:

  • Mobile testing
  • Performance testing, Optimization
  • SOA testing
  • Security testing
  • Usability testing
  • Cloud testing
  • Agile testing

Test Consulting:

  • Testing strategy, tools selection, approach and execution plan
  • Project management
  • Process engineering, Optimization (process definition, KPI selection, continual process improvements)
  • Agile testing transformation

Our breadth and depth in testing allows us to provide you with optimal test offerings for your system, quality and business needs.

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Managed Services Provider

We appreciate the benefits an optimized human capital program managed through Centralized and Managed Services Provider based procurement models. With our mature expertise & robust offerings, we are strategically aligned for success. Customers can expect long term partnership commitment, full program compliance, program advocacy, innovation, rapid scale-up, dependability, knowledge sharing & versatile support. We focus on these parameters: Speed, Quality, Cost & Partnership.

MSP programs can be an overly tough and heavily competitive landscape for the under-prepared. As such, most suppliers see MSPs as their competition. Counter-intuitively, Global Infotech views them as collaborative partners with complementary skills. We play fair and strong, and realize that sky’s the limit for success with MSPs. To stay ahead of our competition and drive industry-beating scorecards, we establish a dedicated teams for custom solutions, and tie every member’s individual success with MSP program metrics.

Key Milestones

  • Global Infotech is a Tier One Partner to 75+ MSP programs, 75+ Contingent Workforce Programs and 55+ Statement of Work customers
  • Global Infotech has partnered with 7 out of top 10 MSPs and 10 out of top 10 VMS platforms
  • Global Infotech was honored with the “Supplier Service Excellence Award” for being the top performing supplier on the Nike Assist! Program
  • We received a recognition award by Kelly OCG for “Quality in Execution and Excellence in Partnership”.
  • Global Infotech is proud to be a National Minority Supplier Development Council certified Minority Business Enterprise

Our Expertise

  • Contingent Workforce (technical and non-technical projects): for customer managed projects.
  • Statement of Work projects (technical projects): (i). As complete solutions sets on milestone based & fixed cost; (ii). As technical leadership, technology framework review & guidance on a time & material basis working under our management. We offer geo-dispersed engagement models for cost-effectiveness.
  • Technical Projects: Systems Engineering, Embedded Software, Apps, Applications, IS & IT.
  • Non-Technical Projects: Creative, Marketing, Sales/ Sales Support, Call Center, Admin/ Clerical, Finance/ Accounting, Procurement, Human Resources, Legal and Niche’ skills.

We invite you to explore our customer roster, our core values and read some customer testimonials.